Best Wireless Dog Fence For Camping

Pets going for a camping trip is disturbing. Pet owners are finding the best wireless dog fence to keep secure. Now no need to worry at all, the Dog fences range will provide you a safe and protective place for your pets. We will discuss the best wireless dog fence for camping. So that you can easily enjoy your trip with your pets.

Dog fence for camping allows the elder pet to enjoy and play in a more interactive environment. A portable wireless dog fence will keep the dog limited area, which will not let them breach the boundary limits. If the dog tries to cross the boundary limits. The receiver collar gives humane shocks and warnings without hurting the dogs.

PetSafe products come with a limited warranty which makes them more reliable and durable to be used by customers. We’ll help you decide whether an electric wireless fence or a portable fence for camping is best for your pets. PetSafe products keep your pets safe and happy.

 Best Wireless Dog Fence For Camping(Our best pick)

    1. PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence
    2. PetSafe Free To Roam Wireless Fence
    3. PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System
    4. PetSafe Wireless Fence Collar

1:PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence

Pet safe Stay and play wireless fence is mostly used for stubborn dogs. It is the most durable and trustworthy. It is a completely invisible fence, there is no need to bury the wire or build a physical fence. That’s why you can easily take it camping. If any problems occur with your device you can solve them. Time is not wasted to dig up the wire.
It can cover up a 3/4 acre area. Another great thing about this product is that It’s a portable device. It is easy to carry and set up. You can use it for camping or on vacation at the beach.
It has a rechargeable and waterproof receiver collar that charges the battery quickly. Each charge can last up to 3 weeks easily. The receiver collar provides five levels of static correction plus a tone-only mode that can be utilized during training with your dog. An unlimited number of dogs can be added to the system just by buying the wireless receiver collars.

Package Includes:

  • Cover up to 5-105 fit from all direction
  • Wireless transmitter with power adapter
  • Rechargeable and waterproof collar
  • 5 levels of correction
  • 50 training flags
  • Test light tools
  • Operating and training guide
  • One year limited warranty
  • Added unlimited number of collar
  • Suitable for pets 5 pounds
  • Best for portability
  • Collar size adjustable
  • Instant installation
  • Battery problem

2: PetSafe Free To Roam Wireless Fence

PetSafe brand has produced many products that keep your pets safe and happy. The PetSafe free to roam wireless fence allows you to create a secure 1/2 acres boundary. In which your dog freely moves. You avoid the hassle of burying wires due to the wireless system.
You can easily set up this outdoor wireless dog fence in your yard in just a few hours. It is best for portability. You can easily carry it anywhere else you like. You can easily take it for camping or in a local park and enjoy the moments with your dog.
The adjustable receiver collar waterproof and rechargeable. The collar battery lasts up to 2 months. Before 2 months the low battery indicator alerts you to replace the battery. The waterproof collar comfortable for 5 pounds dogs and up. The collar is adjustable so that you can easily adjust the collar from 6-28 inches neck size.
In starting, you have to train your dog. Within two weeks your dog starts to respect the boundaries. An unlimited number of pets can be added to the system as long as they wear a wireless transmitter-receiver collar.

Package Includes:

  • Wireless transmitter with power adapter
  • Waterproof adjustable collar
  • 5 levels of correction
  • Contact point wrench
  • Test light tools
  • 50 training flags
  • One year warranty
  • PetSafe RFA-67-11 battery
  • Suitable for pets 8 pounds
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to set up
  • Coverage area just half acres
  • Not rechargeable

3: PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System

The wireless pet containment system creates an invisible barrier around your yard. Your dog can not cross the boundary and roam freely in this limited area. It is a completely wireless and portable device. There is no need to dig up for wire. Because of its wireless system. A lot of fences are not portable it means you can’t take them for the trip but a wireless fence for dogs is used for camping and outdoor activities.
For this great thing, you can carry it with you when you go camping and set up in just 1-2 hours easily. It provides 5 adjustable level corrections. You can easily adjust the collar according to neck- size 6-28 inches. It can be used for 8 pounds of dogs and up.
The waterproof collar can be used in all weather. Your dog can easily swim wearing a collar. The battery can be used to last up to 2 months. After that, you have to replace the battery. An unlimited number of dogs can be added to the system. This system provides a one-year limited warranty.

Package Includes:

  • Wireless transmitter with power adapter
  • Unlimited number of dogs included
  • 5 Adjustable levels correction
  • Cover up to 1/2 acre area
  • 50 boundary flags
  • Test light tools
  • Operating Guide
  • One year warranty
  • Uses the PetSafe RFA-67D-11 battery
  • Waterproof and adjustable collar
  • Use collar 8 pounds and up
  • Easy installation
  • Long battery life
  • Portable system
  • Not rechargeable

4: PetSafe Wireless Fence Collar

The wireless fence collar can be used for dogs that are 8 pounds and up. The collar is adjustable so you can easily adjust the collar according to the dog neck size from 6-28 inches.
The waterproof receiver collar provides the facility to you. Your dog can play in rainy weather and swim wearing a collar. It gives 5 levels of programming correction. It has to give beep only mood for training.
The collar is lightweight that’s why your dog doesn’t feel irritated when they wearing the collar. It gives 5 levels of programming correction. The wireless containment fence collar has a beep-only mode for training. It gives a bonus of 2 extra batteries.

Package Includes:

  • 5 Adjustable levels of correction
  • Give 2 extra batteries (RFA-67D-11)
  • Waterproof receiver collar
  • Test light tools
  • Operating guide
  • Interchangeable contact points
  • Use collar 8 pounds and up
  • Lightweight collar
  • Add unlimited dogs
  • Portable system
  • No need to recharge
  • Low battery indicator

Consider Features While Buying Wireless Dog Fences For Camping

Area Coverage:

One main thing is how much area the transmitter can cover. It would meet your requirements more or less. Some transmitters can only cover up half an acre, while on the other side some powerful transmitters can cover up 25 acres.

If you have a large area and more dogs then you should choose the best wireless dog fence. So that your pets play easily and securely in the area.

Waterproof Receiver Collar:

A waterproof collar provides the facility for your dog to play in the water. It can not harm your dog. You can replace the battery of the collar. If you have multiple dogs, you can buy more collars in one system.

Some system provides the rechargeable battery. You can install it yourself in 1-2 hours. You do not need any technician to set it.


The portable wireless fence is a great feature. Because you can easily carry it for camping and spend the time with peace of mind with your pet. The receiver collar is also lightweight.


Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Does the portable fence hurt the dog?

Portable fences are typically designed so that dogs are not injured when wearing them. On the other side, a fence purpose to protect your pets at all times. That’s why the design of the PetSafe products has the intention of avoiding producing damages.

  • Does Portable Fence is best for your dog?

The outdoor wireless pet fence is the best pick. Because you can easily carry anywhere when you go camping or a trip and enjoy your trip without any hassle. You can easily install it in just 1-2 hours.

  • Do dogs require training for an outdoor wireless fence?

Yes, dogs need training wireless fences. Wireless fence covers up a limited area. If the dogs cross the boundary they will get a slight shock then they back to the comfort zone. You must train your dog within two weeks. Your dog will begin to respect the limits set.

Normally, your dog requires a 7 to 8 one-hour session to become fully trained with a wireless fence.

  • How can you keep dogs in the yard without a fence?

Dogs are active naturally sometimes, they often get into the problem while playing or going across the limits of your property. When they may cross the boundary and get injured by vehicles. You should develop a proper arrangement to keep your dog safe and protect.


Final Thoughts:

The portable wireless pet fence for RV is giving you its products to solve all problems and providing your pets a healthy and happy environment. It provides products to all sizes of pets. You are handling, having different sizes makes them more better and comprehensive for use.

The PetSafe products are a bit pricey but when you invest in them your feel free about dog safety. Your dog can move and play in the limited yard and free from all types of danger. These products are easy to carry anywhere where you like and can be used for indoor and outdoor barriers. The PetSafe product is given a waterproof and rechargeable collar.

Having an outdoor wireless pet fence can be very efficient at all times. Furthermore, you will be able to keep your dogs in one place when guests come to your home. You can add countless dogs to a system and train them by buying extra collars.

For these reasons, it is worth having a portable fence for dogs, your pets are amused and safe and the owners are comfortable and satisfied.