Furnace Wireless Collar Receiver Wireless Pet Containment System:

This is another model that is smarter and stronger. It provides the maximum range. While you are talking about this product, that can expand up to 17 acres area with 500 feet of cord. This collar is specially made for stubborn dogs and large dogs. It will give a 2-second warning beep and give a continuous shock when the dog is outside the boundary limit. When the dog enters the comfort zone then the shock will stop.

The receiver collar will not receive any signal behind trees, slopes, or power outages. You can expand the boundary at least 500 feet. It becomes enough yard for your pets to play. You don’t need to replace the battery. The receiver collar comes with a rechargeable battery. Battery life can last up to 30 hours. Therefore, you go out anywhere with this system, especially for camping. It has also a portability feature.

The collar comes adjustable feature. You can add an unlimited number of dogs to the system but you have to buy a collar receiver for each dog. The caller is rated IP65. The waterproof collars can be used in the rainy season. Wearing a collar the dog can swim, play with the sprinkler, and get wet in the grass. Different factors like terrain, topography, and metal objects can affect the operating range.


System Includes:

  • Included high Flex Collar Strap and Charging Adapter
  • Consistent only with Funace Wireless Pet Fence
  • Wireless transmitter with power adaptor
  • Adjustable collar and wireless transmitter
  • A screwdriver and a spare fuse are included in the system
  • Setup and operating guide
  • Rechargeable and 100% waterproof receiver collar
  • Maximum 17 acres with 500 feet range battery limited number of dogs can be trained
  • Up to 30 hours battery life
  • Designed for stubborn dogs
  • Battery issue is faced by the some users
  • Installation is very difficult